Colon stands for Colorectal cancer, Observational, LONngitudinal study.

Observational means that there are only measurements performed and no intervention, like a lifestyle advice is given. The colon study is a longitudinal study which means that we follow our particpants over time. In this research, we investigate the role of nutrition and lifestyle during and after illness.

Nutrition and Lifestyle

But are nutrition and lifestyle also important after the diagnosis?
Is it possible for a patient to influence his/her disease by living a healthier lifestyle or by eating healthier?
Should he/she refrain from eating certain food products?
Is it beneficial to start taking dietary supplements during and after the treatment?

There is still no clear answer to all these questions. In this study, we collect all kinds of data from colorectal cancer patients in order to enable us to answer these questions.
Annually, about 14,000 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer in the Netherlands. This makes colorectal cancer the third most common cancer among men and women.

In the medical world, bowel cancer is called colorectal cancer. This is the collective term for tumors in the large intestine and in the rectum.